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Market Research

Market Research

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Vendor & Supplier Research


Lordstone saves you time in finding suppliers that can meet your product or service needs. We can quickly provide a short list of potential suppliers that meet your requirements, analyze their process and delivery capabilities, obtain quotes for a full specified product or process, review their financials and search for any other critical information, including: 

  • Assist in supplier cost reductions

  • Locate suppliers of needed services, materials, equipment or components

  • Identify alternative sources of products you are currently buying

  • Provide a short list of qualified suppliers

  • Analysis of scope of supply and deliverability

  • Perform reference checks

  • Financial Analysis 


  • Corporate Procurement

  • Purchasing

  • Market Sizing

  • Supply Chain 

Recent Research Requests

  • European based, multinational company was seeking to indentify new suppliers of specialty machined parts in Eastern European countries.


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