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Recruitment Research


What is Recruitment Research?

Traditionally executive search and recruiting firms have utilized internal or contract research professionals to identify and profile “hard to find” candidates.  These researchers performed the “grunt work” associated with each search such as locating target companies, identifying names,

contacting prospects and profiling prospective candidates.


Lordstone offers direct to corporate clients these same services previously only provided to executive search firms, yet without the large fees typically associated with an executive search or agency recruitment project.



  • Position Profile Development

  • Target List Development

  • ID/Name Generation

  • Candidate Approach

  • Candidate Profiling


Using Lordstone Research is the most cost effective method of external recruiting.  Lordstone is hired on an hourly basis, whereby the client pays only for the time it actually takes to successfully complete an assignment.  Typical cost savings when compared to using recruiting agencies or search firms is 50-70%.  For more information about our executive research services for corporate clients, please visit www.passivecandidatesourcing.us


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